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Meet The Team

Owner/Senior Stylist

Sheri McCarty

Say hello to our fearless leader, Sheri!
This gal grew up in the Comox Valley and has always had a passion for hair. This passion led her to pursue a career in this industry.
Wasting no time post-graduation she dove straight into the world of hair and beauty.

Joining The Head Shed at a young age, Sheri gained a rich foundation, under the guidance of a gifted mentor.
Working her way up to
management before taking the plunge of buying the salon, gave her a solid foundation and the tools to help run the successful business we know today.

Creating a welcoming, fun, safe space for the team and clients is her top priority.
Building a diverse team of talented stylists/barbers that are not only passionate about their careers but their clients is what she is incredibly proud and grateful for.
Her dedication and work ethic are examples of why many of our stylists have been with her on this journey for so many years.

With 35 years of experience, Sheri has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of hair but especially enjoys precision cutting, colouring, and enhancing one’s natural curl with texture and perming.
She prides herself in building relationships with her clients (some of whom have been with her since the start), watching themselves and their families grow and transforming them into feeling their absolute best.


Manager/Senior Stylist


Say hello to one of The Head Shed's finest. Caroline! She's an integral part of the salon, and this gem has been with us for 26 yrs!
Caroline is originally from Gold River and made the move to Nanaimo to attend hairdressing school and has been in the industry for 28 years. She has a wealth of experience and prides herself on her attention to detail. She delivers her client's visions of their hair and makes it look easy.
This social butterfly loves to catch up and laugh with her clients and fellow stylists making everybody feel welcome. What she loves most about coming to work is her clients and teammates, who have become like family. 
When away from the salon, she enjoys travelling, relaxing outdoors, reading, and has a whole library in her house (almost). She loves spending time with her daughter Brooke, her man Aaron and family. 

Manager/Senior Stylist


You could say it's in her blood, this business of beauty. Amanda grew up in the salon (literally) watching her mama work her magic since she was a little girl. As she grew up so did her passion and she decided to embark on a journey into the world of hair. Eight years ago, Amanda studied hairdressing and the rest is history. She is a natural and has grown into a busy bee.

Amanda specializes in blonding, foiling, colour corrections and balayage. A lot of the purest platinums leaving these doors come from her chair. Amanda also thoroughly enjoys grooming her regular gents.

When not behind the chair you’ll find her spending her time with her daughter. Don't let her bombshell look fool ya, she enjoys the outdoors, getaways to her family cabin, biking, hiking and fishing.

Senior Stylist


Say hello to this gem! Katie has been with the Head Shed for 16 years. Her attention to detail is nothing short of amazing. She is the type of person who remembers your grandma's first, middle and last name, their cat's name and what they take in their tea during their appointment. Need a hug? Coffee? Sunscreen? Katie's got it. She has a social gift and is always there to ask about your day.

Katie loves the community of her coworkers and how well the team blends together. Being around an awesome diverse team makes her days enjoyable. She enjoys laughing with clients, karaoke-ing to music and having fun.

Katie specializes in balayage/blonding, colour corrections, bridal styling and fashion colours. She also helps create content for our social media account.

When she's out of the salon, her favourite pass times are anything outdoors. Her biggest passion is fishing, she loves spending time with her Boston Terriers, photography and is a mean Martha Stewart when it comes to cooking and baking.

Senior Stylist


Say hi to Jenna!
This trade runs through her DNA...she is a 3rd generation hairdresser! 
Jenna is an asset to our team with 23 years in the industry. With her experience she carries a wealth of knowledge and confidence in all aspects of hair. She particularly enjoys hair design and colour. The finer details can create some of the most satisfying results. 
Jenna enjoys building relationships with her loyal clients, a lot of whom have become friends. Her nurturing vibe doesn't go unnoticed by her team mates. We all see her as family, somebody to rely on and trust.
Jenna is known for her gentle touch and caring energy. It's an absolute pleasure to be in her chair. She's just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.
When not at the salon she enjoys being creative and spending time with her friends and family.

Senior Stylist


We want to introduce you to Dana! She started her career as a young one, so it's hard to believe she is already celebrating six years with us! Dana's strong suit is her attention to detail. Creating seamless colours is what she is most passionate about. Strong creative cutting is just another one of her amazing skills.  A natural artist with good creative flow.

What we love most about Dana is her laid-back nature; she's as chill as they come but will have us all laughing when we least expect it.

Behind the chair, Dana excels in foiling, blended balayage and blonding.

When Dana is not in the salon, you’ll find her enjoying time in the outdoors. She is happiest in nature and loves to travel and explore every corner of the island.

Senior Stylist


Meet Alexis, she's a ray of sunshine in the salon. She has eight years of experience and has developed a roster of skills in that time frame.

Alexis is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about her career. The clients will agree when we tell you her smile and laughter are contagious.

Alexis specializes in creative cutting, colour corrections, balayage, foiling and perming. Nothing beats the challenge of creating a whole new head of hair. She also enjoys the creativity of special event styling and being a part of her client's special days.

When not at the salon, you can find Alexis spending time with her favourite little man Landon as well as adventuring on the paddle board and being outdoors.

Senior Stylist


Introducing... Thalina!
Say hello to our social butterfly and balayage queen. Thalina has 16 years of working in this industry under her belt, and six years at The Head Shed! Her passion for the trade still shines bright.

Thalina is very talented and creative. Her execution of colours is an art.

Thalina specializes in 
creative cutting,  balayage, foiling and blonding. She's not a stranger to hard work as some of her colours leaving our doors are huge transformations!

When not slaying behind the chair, Thalina enjoys spending time outdoors and biking. She is an avid gardener, and her favourite thing of all is spending time with her kiddos and friends.

Senior Barber

We'd like to introduce everybody to our barber Joey, rock star vibes and all!

We are very fortunate to have this top gun on our team. Joey comes with nine years of experience. No surprise at all he more than specializes in the barbering industry, he slays. Joey has a gift for creating just the right amount of edge to every cut that leaves his chair.

We would like to highlight that Joey was considered one of Comox Valley's top barbers placing in the top 3 of the Readers Choice awards best barber category.

As education is important to stay up to date with current trends. Joey has extensive training with American Crew, Ruezel, Paul Mitchell and Redken.

Senior Stylist


It's our girl Jessie! This rock star shows us 
true dedication and is willing to take on everything this career has the offer.
Unbelievably, Jessie is already celebrating her 6th anniversary with us! It has been amazing watching her grow personally, as well as develop her craft.

Jessie excels in balayage, foiling and has a knack for creating texture with perming, cutting and cleaning up her regular gents.
When not working her magic behind the chair, you’ll find her enjoying days off exploring the outdoors with her dog Scout.

Jessie takes in all the island has to offer by hiking, paddle boarding and hanging with friends and family.

Senior Stylist


Carley is celebrating six years with us at The Head Shed (Happy six years! ) Before starting behind the chair, Carley was our rock star salon coordinator. While we miss her magic of keeping us organized, we are way too excited for her joining us in creating magic within the salon! 

Carley has an incredible work ethic and goes above and beyond to help her fellow stylists. We appreciate her extra-giving nature and willingness to learn and grow in the salon. In her short time, we have noticed her talent shine—a total natural. 

Carley's loves getting her hands in colouring-balayage, foiling, as well creative cutting and cleaning up her regular gents. 

Outside the salon, this beauty enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking outdoors with her trusty four-legged friend Bo. 


Senior Stylist


We're excited to introduce Ashley, who joined us from Calgary! With 14 years of experience in the hair industry, she has a wealth of experience in all aspects of hair.

Ashley's love and expertise lies in creating light and bright highlights and specializing in balayage, low-maintenance, and lived-in looks that are perfect for those who love effortless style.

When she is not working her magic in the salon, Ashley loves exploring, new trails and beaches, discovering new restaurants, and finding hidden gems on the island.
You might also spot her at art galleries, and museum, soaking in our local culture.

Salon Coordinator


We would like to introduce you to one of our salon coordinators Haley! This gal is always on the move and has quickly become an integral part of our work family. She is one of the first faces you'll see that greets you with a warm smile as you walk through our front doors. Haley ensures each visit is personalized and welcoming, setting the tone for a wonderful salon experience.

Her commitment to keeping us all organized is commendable and we couldn't do it without her!

So the next time you step into the salon, share a story, a laugh or simply a warm greeting. After all, these connections make our salon more than just a place of business-it's a home away from home.


Salon Coordinator 


If you've been to the salon on a weekend, you know this girl is hopping busy!! Paige is one of our rockstar receptionists who works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. Clients are always met with a smile, ensuring they have a wonderful salon experience when they walk through our door.

When not in the salon, Paige enjoys dancing, reading and spending time with family and friends.

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